Youth Council (YC) - OUR PURPOSE

The Youth Council is charged with the recruiting, training, equipping and developing our youth for volunteering in church ministry. 


Regular youth meetings are 2nd (Youth Choir 2nd & 4th), 3rd & 4th Sundays after service, unless not notified.

Youth from age 3 to 8 years have their own class room. They are trained on the order of service, devotion, praying, behavior and purpose. They have games, movies and snack time. We also offer tutoring for those in need of it.

Kids Coordinator, Sister Rhabyn Newton

Kids Tutor, Deacon Larry Souter, Sr.

Youth/Young Adults from age 9 to 20 meet in the Education Building. Concentration is on order of service, devotion, prayer, pulpit, peer pressure, respect, behavior and fun. We train our youth/young adults in small rotating session to provide effective teaching in concentrated areas.

The youth Council is excited about Christ at Saint Matthews FWBC. Preparing our kids for the unknown future is imperative. Knowing who Christ is a priority for our youth. Knowing Christ as they mature will be a blessing in life as they mature.

GOD Blesses those who are faithful. Joins us, by contacting us.

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In all things, put GOD first. The key to Wisdom!