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Ministry in any area for the upbuilding of GOD's kingdom is important.

Prayer and supplication is the way to Christ

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Saint Matthews Freewill Baptist Church

Current Ministries



All Male Usher Board - Brother Bertha Estimable, President

All Widows Usher Board - Sister Refonia Price, President

Junior Usher - Sister Shirley Tarpley, Directress

Junior Usher Board - Sister Nevaeh Williams, President

Usher Board #1 - Sister Jimmie Ann King, President

Usher Board #2 - Sister Jacquelyn Williams, President

Usher Board #3 - Sister Daphne Thompson, President




Adult Choir - Deacon J.C. Smith, President

Audio Taping Ministry - Deacon Johnny Brinson, Chairman

Benevolent Ministry - Sister Shirley Tarpley, President

Board of Trustees - Deacon Cassius Turner, Chairman

Deacon Board - Deacon John, Chairman

Deaconess Board - Deaconess Claudette Randle, President

Education Ministry - Sister Stehania Deacons

Sister Jimmie Ann King, Chairman

Food and Clothing Ministry - Sister Christine Forbes,  President

        (Sister Forbes rested with Christ from her labor on October 24, 2016)

Job Ministry - Deaconess Jestine Souter, President

Male Chorus - Brother Joe Ryland, President

Mothers Board - Mother Dorothy Dixon

Mother of the Church mother - Mother Dorothy Dixon

Music Ministry - Sister Charita Hilton, President

Nominating Committee - Deacon John Randle, Chairman

Noon-Day Prayer Ministry - Sister Desiree West McPherson

Nurses Ministry - Sister Desiree West McPherson

Pastor's Aide Ministry - Sister Dorothy Frierson, Chairlady

Pastor 's Appreciation Ministry - Sister Francis Simmons, Chairlady

Planning & Evaluating Ministry - Bishop Paul E. Moss, Chairman

Rainbow of Love/Grief Ministry - Deacon & Deaconess Larry & Jestine Souter

Saint Matthews Ensemble - Sister Stephanie Etienne, President

Senior Citizens Ministry - Sister Dorothy Dixon, Chairlady

Sick Committee Ministry - Sister Shirley Tarpley, President

Sisterhood Ministry - Eldress Patricia Randall, President

Spiritual "B's" Ministry - Mother Addie Torrence, Founder

Substance Abuse Ministry - Brother Robert Blake, Chairman

Sunday School Ministry - Deacon Larry Souter, Sr., General Superintendent &

         Sister Jestine Souter, Youth Superintendant 

Video Taping Ministry - Deacon Johnny Brinson, President

Voter's Registration Ministry - Sister Margaret Hall

Website Ministry, Sister Yesmin Turner (Approved April 17, 2017)

Willing Workers Ministry -  Deaconess Jacqualine Williams, President

Women Mission Ministry - Mother Berneice Moss, President

Young Men of Positive Impact (YOMPI) - Brother Andre Smith, President (May 2017)

Youth Choir - Sister Stephanie Etienne, Directress

Youth Ministry - Sister Yesmin Turner, Youth Directress

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