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“What Shall We Do Until We Can Meet Again?”

2 Timothy 4:5 - But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.


WatchfulBlepo (Greek), Keeping awake; staying on guard; paying strick attention to; being focused.

AfflictionsThlipsis (Greek), To go through great hurt, harm, danger, or trouble; to endure misery, pain, distress, illness, or grief, burdens.

Happy New Year!

The year of 2020 was a time of testing's, trials, and tribulations. Many of us were separated from our jobs; our worship places and even our loved ones. It was a long and difficult year to endure. By the mercy of God we can all look forward to better times in 2021. Let us review how the Apostle Paul helped Timothy look forward to the Future.

The Apostle Paul is making a charge to his son in the Ministry Timothy to keep going in the Ministry until they can meet again. Or, rather it should state "if we can meet again". The Apostle Paul is on his way to Nero’s chopping block to die. But he still wants and he needs to encourage Timothy to be alert; to endure hard times and difficult circumstances; to teach and preach about Jesus everywhere he goes; and to be completely dedicated in fulfilling his ministry. All ministry is sharing Faith. Even during a time of Covid-19.

The question of when to share our faith is answered in the doing of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). Therefore, as we go, we should share our Faith. Even if one has to use Zoom. Our God then will place Sinners in our paths that we can evangelize and then convince to come with us unto the Lord’s side.

Each day that we cannot be together in close fellowship ministry is still a good day to help bring a lost soul to Jesus the Christ (Hebrews 3:15, 4:7). All of the demonstrations, and the rallies, and the upset people show us that many people need the Lord and His Love. They are so upset about what is happening today that it puts them in greater fear of tomorrow (Proverbs 27:1 Luke 12:19). No one knows about the future but our God!

That being said, we must take this time, this opportunity and by whatever means necessary to be a witness for our Lord. We must be good record bearers of His Goodness. We must use each day to show that we know and that we understand who holds Eternal Life for us and with us. (James 4:13-15). And now we must not let Fear of anything define us. At anytime, all the time, in any place, and in all the places, we should do and fulfill our Ministry. The Apostle Paul gives us a great example in how to go forward into the Future by how he charged Timothy to do it. This then will be our charge to continue to do ministry, Until We Can Meet Again-Again Together!


Our times again away from our Church loved ones are always difficult times. But the Apostle Paul tells us that these times can also be times that we can rejoice in the Lord. Why? Our God Is Good! And He Is Good All of The Time! Our God provides us with everything that we need to do a work for Him. Therefore, We all can rejoice in His Ble

ssings (Exodus 18:9); His Assurances (Luke 10:20); Our Salvation (Luke 15:6-10); His Protection (Psalm 63:7); and in the Lord Himself (Habakkuk

3:18). Let us communicate and stay in touch the best ways that we ca

n; continue to share our Praise Reports; and Always Remember to Give our God The Glory! Until We can Meet Again; Praise God! And Be Blessed In The New Year!

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