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True Love: 1 John 3:18

My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.


Fellowship - Koinonia (Greek), Feologa (Old English) Sharing communion; Having companionship; Caring, Sharing mutually together; being in Unity.

Ministry - Leitourgeo (Greek), Sharath (Hebrew), Servus (Latin), Voluntary service to others; the serving of or the waiting on of another; to help; to assist to counsel; or to work for others.

Love - Lufu (Old English) Ahab (Hebrew), The feeling experienced when one is strongly attached or deeply devoted to another; more than a strong liking; to delight in another.

Agape - (Greek), God's Love - Spiritual, unselfish giving, Sacrificial, and willing.

Storge - (Greeko) - Familial - Love for Family members to/for each other, or a ruler for their people, nation or God - nationalistic.

Eros - (Greek) - Romantic- Love between Man and Woman.

Philia - (Greek) Friendship - Love between friends or brothers or sisters.

Welcome to the month of February. The month of expiation. The month to make amends for wrong doings, or short comings or guilt. It is a month to atone for not doing something special. It is the month of Valentine's Day (14th It is a day that a sweetheart is chosen or if you have a sweetheart; that sweetheart is treated usually with a card, letter, candy, flowers or other gifts. All of these are signs and/or symbols of love and affection.

But what is True Love?

True Love is of God. God's relationship to the World (John 3:16). God's relationship to Israel (Hosea 11:8). The relationship between a father and son (Genesis 22:2) and the relationship between a person and their neighbor (Leviticus 19: 18). All describe True Love.

Real True Love is an action and not just a feeling.

True Love gives out selfless, sacrificial giving. The greatest act of love is the giving of oneself in service and sacrifices to others. Ministry is serving others with no thoughts of receiving anything back in return.

The Apostle John writes that there are two (2) ways not to Love:

1. In Word - Doctrine or intellectual teachings can have agreement but not good actions. Faith without works is dead: James 3:17.

2. In Tongue - Saying that you Love does not show that you love. Being generous with your Time, Efforts, and Talents show love: John 15:13.

The Apostle John writes that there are two(2) ways to Love:

1. In Deed - Actions speak louder than words. Live for the Lord by showing Love to His people: Hebrews 9:14-15.

2. In Truth - God wants us to be truthful in our doctrine, our profession of Faith, and in our acts of ministry: Romans 8:1.

True Love is about Doing for God and For others! Amen.


Being a Believer is being like Christ Jesus. The standard will always be following God's and Christ's example of Love. Their love was unselfish, sacrificial and willing. When we love in the same way, Blessings come with them:

(1) Confirmation that we are of the Truth of the word of God - 2 Corinthians 5:7.

(2) Assurance of a clean heart before God: Acts 15:9.

(3) Freedom from condemnation: Romans 8:1.

(4) Faith and confidence in God: Romans 5:2.,

(5) Answers to Prayers: Acts 4:13

True Love is Real only with God! Amen. Praise God!

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