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Post - Celebrate Mother’s Day

Ephesians 6:1-2 - Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honour thy Father and Mother; which is the first commandment with promise.


Mother’s Day – Meter Yom (Hebrew). The National holiday celebrated on the second Sunday of May to honor the mother’s in America.

All mothers should be remembered on their Birthdays; on their Anniversaries; on Valentine’s Day, and at Christmas Time; but especially on Mother’s Day. Why? This is a way of how to show honor to a special person called Mother. God gave a promise to live in peace to those who would honor their father and their mother. How can you Honor your mother? Firstly, Honoring is not a one day a year thing. Honoring is giving high regard, and great respect to your Mother always because she is worth it. (Worthy). God knew that if His people were to respect Authority it had to begin at home with children and parents.

The basics of Honoring mom starts with the ABC’s – Attitude Behavior, and Conduct. In other words, no attitudes, good behavior and right conduct. It means speaking well and politely and respectfully to mom at all times. It also means acting in a courteous and respectful manner. It means doing all that you can do to make things go decently and orderly around mom. Our God sees her as a Special Agent of Love and so should you. (Exodus 2:1-25).

Mothers are also important in other ways too. They are the chief matrons of Hospitality in the home (Genesis 21:21) because many feel at home under her roof. Also, she is a Source of Nourishment for many (Exodus 2:8-9). Yes moms feed a lot of people. Next, she is a Provider (1 King 1:11-21) because the needs of many are met by moms. She is also a Comforter (Isaiah 66:12-13) as anyone who has ever had a bruised knee or a hurt elbow can tell you. And, then lastly she is usuall

y the first Teacher, Instructor, and Educator that most of us remember. Moms do a lot.

What then can we do to help our moms? What are our responsibilities to them? The Bible outlines them as such: Firstly, Honor your Mothers (Ephesians 6:2) Make them heavy with your Love and your Respect. Secondly, Obey your mothers (Deuteronomy 21:18-19). Do what she says, when she says to do it and how she says to do it. Thirdly, Protect your mothers (Genesis 32:11) from all hurt, harm and danger. And Lastly, Provide for your mothers (John 19:25-27) in all of her needs as long as you live. Praise God!


Mother’s Day is coming soon. Let us all Celebrate our moms. They are worth it. And our God promised us peace and a long life in the land if we do. Amen!

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