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Honor Our Mother’s On Their Day

Sunday School Blog

Ephesians 6:1-2 - Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise.


Mother’s DayMeter Yom (Hebrew), The National Holiday celebrated on the Second Sunday of May to honor the mothers’ in America. (May 8, 2022).

We give honor to Eve (Life giver). She was the first woman, wife, and mother in the world. She shared the image and likeness of GOD with her husband Adam (Red Earth). They both had a special relationship with GOD and a responsibility to take care of the Garden of Eden. But Eve also was a mother. She was the first of all mothers in the world. Thank you Eve.

All mothers should have a time to be honored by their loved ones. And honoring does not indicate only one day. The foundations of honoring moms are ongoing and they show their fruits often. These start with our Actions. What we say, how we say it and how we do things towards our moms indicate our love for them. Also, being Blameless in our negativity to our moms counts. Courtesy, Respect, and Hearing them goes a long way in honoring our moms. Lastly, let us have Care and Concern for our moms. GOD sees them as special vessels of love (Exodus 2:1-25) and so should we.

The saying is that “A man works from sun to sun but a woman’s (mother’s) work is never done. “Mothers; have so much to do! They are chief matrons of Hospitality in the home (Genesis 21:21). Honor them by helping out around the house. They provide lots of Nourishment (Exodus 2:8-9). When did you last help her prepare a meal? Moms’ are great Providers (1 King 1:11-21). When can you aid or assist her? Moms’ are also great Comforters (Isaiah 66:12-13). They are better than an aspirin at times. And who was your first Teacher, or Instructor or Educator? I bet it was your Mom! How are you going to thank her for that?


Mother’s Day will soon be here. Let us all honor our moms. They truly are worth it. Our GOD promised us peace and long life in the land if we do. Amen!

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