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Happy Holidays (Holy Days)

Psalms 42:4 - When I remember these things, I pour out my soul in me; for I had gone with the multitude. I went with them to the house of God, with the voice of joy and praise, with a multitude that kept this holy day.


Holiday – Heorte (Greek), a religious festival day; a holy day; a day of freedom from labor, often set aside by law or tradition; a day of joy, happiness.

Holy Day – Hagag (Hebrew), a day set aside for religious use; a Sacred Day; a day deserving deep respect; a day of celebration, a festival day, a day of joy and dance.

We have embarked on the Holiday Season; we truly have a December to Remember, and with the largest Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays on record to serve as spring boards, we can now get down to the real source of Christmas Celebrations. The true meaning of Christmas this December 25, 2021 is to recognize Jesus the Christ’s birth.

Christmas Celebrations must always include spending time with the Family. Spending time with the Family is important. Many Families will attend Church services this Christmas to express their joy, praise and thankfulness. Also, Families will get together to prepare and to share a big Christmas feast dinner with all of everyone’s favorites and specialty dishes.

Christmas time is an occasion to remember. Evergreens which are the symbol of eternal life are everywhere to remind us that Jesus the Christ came to give us Life Eternal with Him. Christmas wreaths, holly, and decorated evergreen Christmas Trees all

cause us not to forget our Lord and Savior and His Birth. Christmas time is also an occasion of Gifting. The tradition of gifting at Christmas time has been an honored and well thought about event of this Holiday time of year. To many families, it is the favorite time of the year involving gift giving and receiving, plays, performances, parades, parties and yes more feasting. Let us celebrate!

Celebration Norms (Expectations of God)

  • Prayer – Isiah 56:7: The Servants of the Lord must Honor Him in prayer before, during, and after celebrations.

  • Christian Fellowship – Philippians 1:25: The Lord wants His Believers to Care and Share together equally when they celebrate.

  • Christian Giving – 2nd Corinthians. 8:2: The Lord wants His Believers to give liberally to those who have need.

  • Christian Comfort – 2nd Corinthians 7:4-7: The Lord wants His Believers to soothe the distress or the Sorrow of His people; and to console those that are going through something disagreeable this Holiday Season.

All Celebrations throughout the year should keep these Norms in mind. Amen.


December is a Holiday Time to Remember. It is a time of Celebration. It is a time of gladness of heart which is joy. All of these things can be expressed in Songs (Genesis 31:27); with Musical Instruments (1st Samuel 18:6) with Sounds (1 Chronicles 15:16); with Praises (2nd Chronicles 29:30); with Shouting (Ezra 3:12-13); and with the Heart (1st Kings 21:7). We as a people of God must all purpose in our hearts (Acts 11:23) to have a joyous time in the Lord by placing Him first in all things; our families and friends and neighbors second; and we ourselves last.

Happy Holidays and see you all in the New Year! Praise The Lord!

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