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Education Time is Back to School Time

Deuteronomy 4:9 - Only take heed to yourself, and diligently keep yourself, lest you forget the things your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. And teach them to your children and to your grandchildren.


Education – Educere (Latin), The process of developing knowledge, skill and character in students by formal schooling; the process of teaching and learning.

Welcome back to a New School Year! Now after a summer full of activities, events, vacations, and even visitations to relatives and loved ones that could not have been possible over the last couple of years; our God needs us to Stop, Look, and be Thankful. God wants us to Remember and not to Forget about the Pandemic, Covid-19, Delta, Omicron, BA-5, 6, 7, and 8; and now even the new one called Monkey Pox. We as parents and Grandparents and Guardians need to remind our young ones about our God’s Power and His control, and how far and how safe He has brought us so far. Therefore, It is our duty to remind students of God’s Faithfulness, Power, and Provision by retelling stories of His great Acts from the Bible. God worked in the lives of His people then and He can work in our lives right now. Schools are now open. Parents need to teach students about how to PRAY. Petitioning God for aid and assistance.

Working With God

Preparation – Praeparare (Latin) – (Matthew 3:3)

When you inspect and examine things beforehand you can anticipate concerns and problems and equip yourself to handle them. Petitioning God for help always works because God can do all things well.

Readiness – Hetoimasis (Greek) (Matthew 22:4,8)

When you are equipped to act immediately you are in readiness. Being willing and able to do now is a readiness. Every Believer should live each day as if it was the Day of the Lord’s coming Again.

Anticipation – Antecapere (Latin), (Matthew 20:23)

To use or deal with in advance, to look forward to or to be ahead of something happening is to anticipate. Every Believer should anticipate living Eternally with the Lord in the Future Life.

Yearning – Georn (Old English) (Romans 8:28)

To be filled with longing and desire for something to happen is yearning. We all should be yearning to live upright lives pleasing to God.

It is the responsibility of every generation to pass on what they know and understand to be true to the next generation. This begins with our grandparents, parents, and guardians. This allows students not to forget who they are and to whom they belong to. Amen.


All Education is important. From the time of the Old Testament our God has commended the retelling of the stories of His Mighty Acts to be passed down by parents to children ongoingly. This revealed the plan, purpose and will God had for the importance of Religious Education was to have on the lives of His People. Formal Education should be just as important to us today. Teaching and Learning is a two-way street. However, there needs to be participants on that street – our students. God is always present to help us in all ways needed. But God cannot make anyone learn, take part, or Remember. Grandparents, Parents, and Guardians let us play a bigger part in our students education this school year! Praise God!

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