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Celebrate Father’s Too

Ephesians 6:1-2 - Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honour thy father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise.


Father’s Day – Pater Yom (Hebrew), The National holiday celebrated on the third Sunday of June to honor the Father’s in America.

Just like Mothers’, Fathers’ should be remembered on their Birthdays; on their Anniversaries; on Valentine’s Day; at Christmas Time; but especially on Father’s Day. Unfortunately, there seems to be a large difference between how our Mother’s are treated as compared to how our Father’s are being treated. Our Mother’s are getting the Lion’s share of the honoring. But should that difference exist? The God we serve deals with humankind with Equality and with Equity. Our God is not a respecter of persons. (Acts 10:34).

Equality indicates being even or the same. It means having the same value, rank, and rights. This sameness should not make a difference of order nor priority. While Equity on the other hand, indicates fairness. And it also means that abiding by the rules, and the regulations is good. Due to these two (2) things, Mother’s and Father’s should be treated equally in Obedience (Ephesians 6:1-2); in Honor (Exodus 20:12); and in Reverence (Leviticus 19:3).

Mother’s and Father’s nurture those around them. They nourish them in the way they train them; in the manner they educate them and in the know how they rear them with. But they do things differently. Memories of Mothers’ include being Loving (Exodus 2:1-25); Remembering (Luke 2:51); and Good (Proverbs 31:1). Whereas, memories of Fathers’ include being Instructors (Proverbs 1:8); Trainers (Hosea 11:1-3); and a Chastener (Hebrews 12:7). One is up close and caring and the other functional and direct. Equally both are needed. Therefore, Both should be Honored (Ephesians 6:2). We too should be like God and not be respecter of persons. Amen.


Mother’s Day was highly celebrated all over the Land and this Country. Father’s Day is coming soon. Let us celebrate our Dads just as well as we celebrated our Moms. Remember, God promised us long life and peace in the Land if and when we do. Praise God!

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