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A Time (Season) For Everything

Ecclesiastes 3:1-To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.


Everything - Kol (Greek) All of the pertinent and necessary information; leaving nothing out; including all.

Season - Kairos (Greek), Satio (Latin); Any of the four divisions of the year: spring, summer, fall and winter; The time when something takes place; is popular; is permitted; or is suitable, ages in stages; a set time.

Purpose - Prosthesis {Greek), pro ponere (Latin), An aim; something planned; something intended; something by design; something done by reason.

Ecclesiastes - Ekklesiastes (Greek), Ecclesiastes (Latin) one who addresses an assembly; a Preacher of an assembly, a congregation or a church.

God in His infinite wisdom and might created everything and everyone. God is complete in every way. But man is incomplete.

From the time that we are born, we begin an endless search for meaning, purpose and satisfaction in our lives. Solomon was no different, but he had better resources than any of us have. He studied and found out that pleasure, popularity, positions, power or prestige is nothing without God. Satisfaction can only come from God.

Solomon's writings of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 show his understandings of God's order and His security in this world.

The whole world is stable and not erratic. There are patterns there that celebrate God's wisdom. The compared opposite examples have definite times and duration. In the end, they all point back to a God who rules and super rule over all. 1 Timothy 1:17. Solomon's research shows us that God has a plan for all people.

He does not favor one over another Acts 10:34. Therefore, He provides the cycles of life and each cycle has works for us to do. We all should do our works well. Timing is the key. We all must accept, appreciate and acknowledge God's precise timing in our lives, our works, and our faith.

Our opportunity to find satisfaction in our work life depends on our ABC's - our attitude, our behavior, and our conduct. God intends for us to work. It is He who has given us work to do; It is He that brings about the increase 3:13 and serving others is worshiping God 2 Timothy 4:5, Praise Him!


Solomon is also called the teacher or the preacher. As such, He teaches us that our hearts reach out for something that nothing in this world can satisfy. Time brings about a change to man. But time also is the common denominator that shows itself in all men's lives and works the truth of Life's meaninglessness without God. The older we get and the longer we work; the less valid we can affect the things and individuals ar

ound us. The calendar will still have seasons and time will still flow like a river in our lives. Time and not we is the boss. We cannot call any shots because we are limited. But our limitations are there to cause us to remember who we belong to and point us back to God. Amen.

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