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Don’t Worry Yourself About Worry

Sunday School Blog for Saint Matthews Free Will Baptist Church

Saint Matthews 6:25: Therefore, I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body; what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?


Worry – Wyrgan (Old English), over much concern for earthly/worldly things; anxiety; to be troubled or uneasy or afraid ; unable or unwilling to trust God.

It is our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ who tells us not to worry. Worry is a stumbling block to those who lack Faith and Trust in our Lord. Worry is a burden that borrowed from what might happen or from what if. Worry torments the mind, the heart, and the spirit over things imagined, but not yet realized. Worry is like an ailment or a disease that causes negative health affects on our bodies. So why worry?

Jesus says that you don’t ever have to worry if you can believe in and trust on the Promises of God to supply our every need (2nd Corinthians 1:20). Worry wastes valuable time; it is like an acid that eats up your body; it makes you produce less/fewer works; and it takes away quality time with God and with loved ones. Then why continue to worry? Worry stops you from doing. Our Lord wants us to continue working in his vineyard of ministry, not stop.

How To Stop Worrying? The following are excellent biblical reasons

  1. Our God can be trusted to take care of the concerns of our lives today and tomorrow to.

  2. Tomorrow has concerns of its own; do all that you can today to take care of today's concerns.

  3. Worrying never benefited anyone

  4. God will not forget those who belong to and who trusted in Him.

  5. Strong faith and relationships with God eliminates worry.

  6. God needs us to work hard for his Glory, worry detracts from this.

  7. God gives us one day at a time. Use them wisely. Amen

Believers should not worry about being worried. Using the letters for PRAY will allow us to not worry.

P - Preparation and Planning for tomorrow or the

Future is time spent well. Worrying about the future is time wasted.

R - Readiness - is careful planning that helps you think out your goals, procedures, and calendars. These prevent worry.

A - Anticipation - know that God is always present to aid and to assist you. Faith cancels out the fear of worry.

Y - Yearn - look forward to a great day with the Lord each day. Never let worries about the future affect your relationship with our God on today!

Praise The Lord!!

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