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Easter Means Jesus Christ’s Resurrection St. Luke 24:6-7

The Monthly Sunday School Blog of the St. Matthews Free Will Baptist Church, Inc.

He is not here, but is risen; remember how He spake unto you when He was yet in Galilee, Saying "The Son of Man must be crucified, and the third day rise again".


Easter – Eastre (Old English). The annual Christian Holiday in the Spring, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

Resurrection – Ana Stasis (Greek), Resurgere (Latin) A rising from the dead; Jesus getting up from the dead.

In the Christian Church, There are three (3) important Holidays: Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter. The Churches are filled on these Holidays, but each one has a different reason. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus the Christ. Mother’s Day celebrates the Love that we have for our mother’s and our Grandmother’s, Wives, Sisters, and other Ladies in our Lives. But it is Easter, and Christ’s Resurrection from the dead that allows us to become free of sins, iniquities, and the Evil One. With Resurrection, the Church has a Head (Colossians 1:18) who has all Power and Glory to rule the Church forever.

Easter and the Resurrection of Christ are important for many reasons. A few of the main ones are stated below:

  1. It has the power of God to overcome Death. Jesus is the first example of Life Everlasting and He is coming again for all who belong to Him.

  2. All Believers can also be raised from the dead like Jesus.

  3. The Resurrection gives the Church the power to inspire others to Believe on Jesus the Christ.

  4. With every Communion Service, we find power to convict and to save Believers.

  5. It has the strength to look at troubles, hard aches and pains as stepping stones and not stumbling blocks.

  6. It allows us to know that our Lord and Savior is Alive and Well and interceding for us at the Right Hand of Father God. And last but not least

  7. Our God’s Awesome Power is available to us through His Holy Spirit to enable us to live in this Sin Cursed World. Amen.


Christ is the 1st of all things

Christmas is a good Holiday. And Mother’s Day is a good Holiday. But Easter is a great Holiday! Easter is great because of the Blood of Jesus. It covers all of our likes and our dislikes; all of our politics; all of our customs; all of our Attitudes And all of various ways of Thinking too. And His Blood unites us all together as one in His Name under the Power of God. Easter means Jesus the Christ’s Resurrection and our ticket to Eternal Life with Him! Praise The Lord!


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