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Happy Black History Month to one and all. Rasha Fashaunda!

In most of our African American Churches, Black

History Month revolves around the children and the youths. They put on Black History plays; and skits; and dramatizations. They enjoy telling, among other things, the accomplishments of many Black Americans. They dress up as famous Black Americans and generally have a good time showing off what they have learned and what they know about Black History. And for a job well done, we offer them pizza parties, t-shirts, pens, pencils, badges and other extrinsic (outside encouragers and motivators) to inspire them to keep doing better and better.

But what about our Adults. Our Adults seem to be content being spectators when it comes to celebrating Black History Month. It may be true that a pen or a pencil may not excite an Adult to participate in a Black History Month Celebration. The Facts of the matter are that every Adult represents a timeline of History and Experiences worthy to be learned, experienced, and to be shared. Rewards encourage learning and sharing and they should not be ignored nor overlooked in being used to encourage our Adult Church members to be a part of the Black History Month Celebration. I truly believe that the whole Church will be enriched by the experience of Total Group Participation.

Let us All Try It! Amen.

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