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  • Presented by: Deacon Larry E Souter Sr.

This Is the Summer Season Genesis 1:14

Sunday School Ministry Monthly BLOG

Then God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night, and let them be for signs, seasons, days and years.


Seasons- Satio (Latin), Any of the four (4) divisions of the year called spring, summer, fall (autumn), or winter; a suitable time; an opportune time.

From the fourth day of creation our God has ordained seasons. God has even guaranteed seasons to always take place upon the Earth (Genesis 8:22). The trouble with seasons has never been with how, what or where, but with when. Ancient societies used Lunar (moon) and solar (sun) calendars. It became difficult to determine when one begins and then ends. It is easy to determine cold (winter) and hot (summer). But what about spring and fall? Especially in a place like Miami, FL.

Our God predetermines the events of this life. He says to everything there is a season, This is the Summer Reason. It is the warmest/

hottest season of the year. It follows the spring which is the season of new life and growth. Summer is a time to prosper and to get ahead. Let us consider the five (5) “P’s” of summer. Praise The Lord!

  1. Plan- Outline a purpose or a project of benefit worth doing at this time

  2. Prepare – Make ready, equip, or furnish your home needs in case of emergency, natural disasters or the unexpected.

  3. Preserve – Keep from harm, danger, theft, and hurt those things of necessity and value you have. Preserve food items in a timely way.

  4. Protect – Shield from injury and danger all persons and things under your authority.

  5. Profit – Take Godly advantage of all of God’s blessings and favor so that you may pass them on to bless others.

Yes, this is the Summer Season! Take full advantage of it! bless our God!

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