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  • Deacon Larry Souter, Sr.

It Is Better To Hear Than It Is To Listen

Monthly Sunday School Blog

If any man have ears to hear, let him hear (Mark 4:23).


Hear: Shama (Hebrew) (Obedire), to listen and know the words with the intent to help, to obey, or to act upon them; to listen with the intent to help, to obey, or to act upon them; to listen with understanding; to perceive

Listen: Akouo (Greek), to know and to understand the words but with no intent to help, to obey, or to act upon them.

Ear: Eare (Latin), a hole or an opening or a portal for hearing or listening. (There is nothing wrong with the equipment).

Our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ once declared that there is nothing hidden; and that All Things will be manifested and revealed. For this reason, Jesus, himself gave us fifteen examples in the scriptures in which he commanded people to hear. Our Lord, God himself, gave examples of this same command to hear over 155 times in the Bible. Not even in one of these 170 times is there any indication that hear means anything other than to understand with the intent to help, to obey, or to act.

God’s word is always clear, concise, and precise. There is no need of a special interpretation to understand it. The whole Bible is written in this manner. Those of us who believe, read, and study the words of the Bible without altering them; will understand them.

After hearing Christ’s Commands we must then receive them. This means we must know the Commands and then apply them to our lives or to the circumstances in our lives. Hearing leads to receiving and then receiving leads to bringing forth fruit. When the Word of God is acted upon and obeyed (heard) it will bring forth fruit to the Glory of God (Isaiah 55:11). In fact, Proverbs 11:30 says, “The Fruit of righteous is a Tree of Life, and he who wins souls is wise.”


Jesus our Lord and Savior wants his believers to be hearers, receivers, and doers of His word. By doing this, Believers show their Responsiveness to their Lord and Master. Also, their obedience, faithfulness, and loyalty allow them to readily confess their sins and their wrong doings and then ask God for forgiveness. Our God is faithful to forgive us because of the relationship we have with him through the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus the Christ.

Praise Him!


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