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  • Deacon Larry Souter, Sr.

Black History Month Blog

THEME: Shaking the Roots,

Delivering the Fruits

My grandmother Mrs. Eleanor Eady once told me to be careful about history; because history is “His Story”; and if you want “Your Story” told and remembered you may have to write it; repeat it; and keep on repeating it.

Those were wise words coming from my now deceased grandmother. However, words we need to pay attention to.


We are again in Black History Month. It is February and yes, it is the shortest month of the year, but it is as GOD would have it to be. It is a time to reinforce and to remember our heroes and our sheroes of times past and even those of our present-day-time.

Our Black History Month of February should be completely filled with Black accomplishments; black boundaries broken, black characters that should not be forgotten; black divas whose style and substance made their mark; black engineers who projects distinguished them among the best in their field; black fearless leaders who lead the way through dangers seen and unseen to benefit our race and so on and so forth.

Black History Month is a time of celebration. It is a time to commemorate all the ones who have gone before us to make our lives here in America better and worth living. Also, it is a time to observe our African Heritage. Whether that means for us to dress in African like clothing or to learn and sing traditional African songs or to have Black History Programs in our schools and in our churches or to just study to show ourselves approved by researching our rich history of accomplishments.

However, we do it, we must be like Mike and JUST DO IT! We have a whole month to do our very best to actualize the positive and eliminate the negative in the name of Black History. BUT we should “always” do all things to the Glory of GOD our Father!

Rasha Fa Shaunda! (Do Y

our Best Always!)


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