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  • Deacon Larry Souter

Words of Life to Live By

Greetings Saint Matthews members and friends. From Deacon Larry Souter of Saint Matthews Freewill Baptist Church. Starting this month (December) I will have my Blog posted monthly. My purpose is to inspire and prayerfully lead someone to Christ through the Scriptures. I am excited to be among people loving CHRIST and spreading his Blessings how I can. Below is just food for thought for the SEASON! Get ready for 2018!

About God’s Christmas Gift

God’s Blessings and favor come to us not necessarily because we want them, but in fact because we need them.

JESUS is the reason for this


A Significant name – JESUS

JESUS’ means Jehovah (GOD) is salvation. He is the gift the Lord gave to save, deliver and redeem believers from their sins and eternal death.

Sacred Observances – Holidays/Holydays

Holidays are days set aside for religious use (sacred days). Believers need regular times to Worship to honor GOD and to increase their spiritual health (Faith honors GOD and GOD honors Faith).

Simon’s Prophecy Came True – Luke 2:22-32

JESUS was the gift from GOD that had been looked for a long time. He is the Messiah. He is the Light of Salvation and True of the whole world.

Solemn Pronouncement

JESUS’ accomplishments enable believers not to fear the future. JESUS our Savior gives us hope for tomorrow and for eternal life too.



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