Greetings SMFWBC Family

Please in this time of the world greatest crisis, let us practice the principles of the word of God to be humble, vigilant, wise, steadfast, and unmovable while trusting in the Lord God to see us through this troublesome time. As the Pastor and watcher over your souls (Hebrews 13: 17), my prayer is that you humbly submit to what is being asked of us by the Governing Officials, and that is to stay home for our own safety.

We are working diligently for our church to congregate via the internet. I will have biblical reading here for members often. Please check back periodically.


From: Bishop Paul Moss


Subject: Living Between The Time

Date: March, 21, 2020, Saturday

Message: Hello the Sheep of God's Fold and members of Saint Matthews Free Will Baptist Church, Inc., I pray that each and everyone of you are doing fine and are in good health. Well, as I taught and preached on one occasion, we are "Living Between The Time" and for those who may have yet to understand what we are encountering is a portion of what the Lord said we would in the last days. For those who have yet to understand what we are encountering in these last days are a portion of the birth pains (Matthew 28: 4) which will culminate into the birth of a New Heaven and a New Earth after the Great White Thorn Judgment as John foresaw in Revelation 21: 1 - 2). However, until that climatic event take place, as Christians we have a charge to keep between the time from which Jesus in Acts 1: 9- 11 ascended into heaven until he return. And so, I would like to share three (3) we need to take serious as Christians while "Living Between The Time" - Acts 1: 9 - 11.


March 22, 2020, Sunday

Hello to the collective body of Saint Matthews Free Will Baptist Church, I have provided a topic for discussion "Living Between The Time" dealing with Acts 1: 9 - 11. If you have read the blog concerning the topic at then it is time to have a talk about what we as Christians ought to be doing while "Living Between The Time." When every just reply! Because there are three essential things among others, you need to know. Saint Matthews Freewill Baptist Church- MIAMI, FL-A place of Prayer Sound Doctrine Church - 6700 N.W. 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33150, Bishop Paul E. Moss, Jr. Pastor and Teacher. Promoting JESUS CHRIST and winning souls for Christ.