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Deacon Grady Dixon, Chairman


Men's Fellowship Breakfast Ministry


Beginning Instructions for A New Year

1st Thessalonians 5:21-22


Test everything! Hold on to the good!

Avoid every kind of evil





Instruction - didasko, nouthesia (Greek), Musar (Hebrew), To impart knowledge; to give lessons; to give directions; to show steps; to give warnings, admonitions, or reproofs; to discipline.


Test - dokime (Greek), trier (Latin), to attempt by trial or error; to try; to afflict; to endeavor.


Good - agathos, chrastos, Kales (Greek), towb, yatah (Hebrew), Excellence of its kind, helpful, distinguished, honorable, pleasant, agreeable and beneficial.


The New Year always seems to bring in thoughts of resolving to do something differently or to do some things better Than they were attempted in the previous time period. Many Christian Believers resolve to either better themselves; better the conditions around them; or to just accomplish something new and different in this New Year.  The New Year seems like a good opportunity to have a start over attitude to begin these endeavors.


The Apostle Paul gives us a very excellent starting point when he says “Test everything.  Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil”.  Let us consider the following trustworthy suggestions.


  • Trust in Our Lord Jesus More This Year – Proverbs 3: 5

In Heaven, God insures that He and the Lamb of God are First in Rank, in Order, and in Priority!  He wants the same conditions here on Earth. We as Believers do not need a New Year's Resolution to want all of our sins and all of our transgressions wiped away. Jesus our Lord and Savior has already done that. (Romans 6:14). What we need in the New Year is to entrust all of our confidence and all of our hope in Christ Jesus every day. (1st Thessalonians. 2:4)


  • Promise to Use God's Word as Our Authority - Matthew 28:18

God's Word is the Truth. (John 17:17). Due to this fact, we as Believers should always use God's Word as our Authority. However, we are all imperfect human beings and sometimes our thought, our ideas, or our prejudices get in the way of our Godly doings. This New Year, we as Christians must prayerfully seek to allow God and His Word to be the Authority we need in every area of our lives. 


  • Be a Light and A Salt Source for Christ - Matthew 5:13-14

God wants His Children to use their influence to impact the building of the Body of Christ (The Church). The World is in trouble, in turmoil, and in Terror. Only Jesus is the Cure for this Dark World (Matthew 5:14-16). Jesus needs our help to be change agents for God to impact unbelievers.                                                                            


  • Be More Committed to Our Local Church - Matthew 16:18

Every Christian Believer needs a home base. For most of us, our home base is our Local Church.  This is where we gather together as Believers and we demonstrate our love for God in our Praise, in our Prayers, in our thankfulness and in our Worship. It is here, that we all must work as one team to reach and to teach, and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this dying World. Our God does not need Super Stars; He Needs Team Players! (Ephesians: 4:16)      


  • Help Our Men's Fellowship Breakfast Ministry to Grow and to Mature-2 Corinthians 4:1

All Ministry involves helping others. Whether this is a Spiritual Ministry of Preaching, Evangelizing, or Praying; or a Material Ministry such as waiting tables, collecting offerings or distributing resources; or a Caring Ministry such as visiting the sick, helping the inform, or assisting others in all ways possible.  Our Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Ministry needs more prayers, more Bible Study and more help from all concerned so that our New Year will be Blessed and filled with Great Ministry! Hallelujah!            




The beginning of a New Year is an opportune time to look forward and to make helpful Suggestions for improvement. But how do we know how much or how well we have improved? We all need some sort of Evaluation. Throughout the coming year and definitely before the following year begins. We should all Stop to assess where we are in God's plan for this Ministry. Until that time, we Bless you all with God's Speed and with a Happy New Year's!

The Men's Fellowship Breakfast is the 1st Saturday monthly in the Church diner.



Chairman – Deacon Grady Dixon

Secretary - Deacon Theodore Williams

Treasurer – Deacon John Barber

Chaplin – Minister Anthony Moss

Teacher – Deacon Larry Souter, Sr.

Cook - Deaconess Dollie Rountree

Pastor/Teacher – Bishop Paul E. Moss, Jr.

Every Saturday before the 1st Sunday

at 8:00 a.m., unless otherwise notified (see church calendar option)

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