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Deacon John Barber

Deacon Board Chairman


Deacon JC Smith

Deacon & Trustee

Light and Shadow

Sister Yvonne Reese


The Role of Trustees and Deacons  

While deacons generally deal with the needs of people within the church, the primary role of a Baptist church trustee is overseeing the financial aspects of operating the church. Effective trustees will function as Christian stewards of God property. Also manage and have legal authority and satisfy all legal requirements related to the Church assets.

Trustees also act as liaisons between the church congregation and the church leaders, representing and articulating the congregation's interests. This includes supervising and maintaining gifts to and from the congregation. If the church need to elect members of a special committee or hire new staff, the trustee board is generally consulted first.

Pastor Moss & First Lady - Deacons and Deaconesses

Elder Lillie Edwards, Associate Minister

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